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  H65/C2680/CuZn35 Copper Strip
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    Zhejiang Ouhai International Trade Corporation was founded in August 1985, and has been in the top of export exchange companies in Wenzhou for five years. In the year of 2008, it has created 20.3 million USD export exchange, which was ranked top 3 in Wenzhou and top 35 in Zhejiang Province.

    Mr. Yongqiang Zheng, the chairman of Zhejiang Ouhai International Trade Corporation, was elected to be ' Zhejiang Working Model' in 2003,  ' Excellent Socialist Builders of China' in 2004,  ' Contributive Enterpriser ' from 2005 to 2008, ' Wenzhou Top 10 Private-owned Entrepreneurs'  in 2005,  ' National Working Model ' in 2005, and ' Most Popular Merchant ' in 2007.

    Zhejiang Ouhai International Trade Corporation, come under the Wenzhou Jinzhou Group in 1998, has constantly actualized the development strategy of ' Trading globally, foreign trade industrially, managing diversifiedly, developing collectivizingly ' , which has multipled its strength. Under the support of government, Zhejiang Ouhai International Trade Corporation has enlarged its export volumes constantly, and has achieved the strategy to create a combination of manufacture, business and export. Now, a 200-acre export production base is under construction, since it is completed, we will be entitled to manufacture these foreign-trade ordered products by ourselves.

    In order to win initial success of our products, Zhejiang Ouhai International Trade Corporation and The Jinzhou Group has mergered the Olis brand, and has set it to be the development target of corporation brand. It is believed that, under great effort, Olis will be made the famous brand of China.

    Zhejiang Ouhai International Trade Corporation insists on the role of ' Honest & Credit ' , and lawfully pays taxes every year. Now, the corporation has established trade relationship with more than 100 countries and regions in the world. Meanwhile, nearly 2000 local enterprises have established business relationship with us, both on product processing and export cooperation.

    Furthermore, Zhejiang Ouhai International Trade Corporation is enthusiasm for the commonweal work, it has set up charity branch in the corporation, and donates huge amounts of money to charity for poverty people and rural area education. 

    In the future, by carrying out the developmental strategy of ' Go abroad ' , Zhejiang Ouhai International Trade Corporation will follow the path of industrialization development, combining manufacture and business. By the chance of constructing Light Industry Base, we will try to gather all the export orders to local enterprisers, actualizing the developmental path of ' Promoting the development of industry with international trade, and integrating both of them ' , to pull off the target of creating more than 30 million USD export exchange.


    About our sector:

    We are from China(PRC), we are the one sector in Zhejiang Ouhai International Trade Corporation, which is ranked top 3 trade volume in Wenzhou, as the excellent exoprt representative of Wenzhou's light industrial products,  we provide agent purchasing, import and export services for customers and friends all over the world. Our products covers metal products (steel pipes, pipe fittings, steel, copper strip), sanitary products, hardware, locks, leather, glasses and LED products. All of these products are available in large quantities of production and accept custom orders. We sincerely welcome customers from all around the world to do business with us.

    Wenzhou is China's famous manufacturing base, it is China's stainless steel, leather and sanitary production base, and our products are all the characteristics of industrial products in Wenzhou. People living in Wenzhou is reputed to be the 'Oriental Jews', Wenzhou is also known as the cradle of China's private enterprises and private capital. Jay Zhang, our sector manager, whose family started with metalwork since 1980s, and now the family's business covers the stainless steel, copper, leather, valves, glasses and other industries. As Jay Zhang is one of the shareholders of these enterprises, most of our products come from these family enterprises, so they are very cost-effective, and we work for these family enterprises as their foreign trade department. In addition, there is also a part of glasses, lock and LED products provided by our partners, these local manufacturer have been cooperated with us more than three years, both of their product's quality and price are very good.

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